Land Insurance

Land Insurance is something that more and more people are looking for these days, especially in the times of personal accident claims and liability claims being made against people. Land Insurance is something that is not very common and there are only a few insurers that can actually offer a quotation on this but it is something that you may feel is necessary or even something that you might wish to insure as a precaution.Land Insurance is where you can protect yourself for anything that may happen on your land through which you could be held liable and sued. This could be if someone is walking across the land and they were to trip over and hold you responsible as the land owner and then try to get you to pay them compensation for their injuries, however again as with other types of insurance they would have to prove that you are liable for their injuries.Most types of people can get land insurance from a single person who just wants to ensure a tiny bit of land outside their house to a residents association or road owners. Land Insurance is usually for normal pieces of land that have nothing but grass and trees on them but quotations can also be obtained for more varied pieces of land such as car parks, lakes and private roads. The amount of cover that you can get is between 1 Million pounds and 5 Million pounds, which is there to protect you should any third party injure themselves on the land.The other main question that people ask when they are looking at getting some land insurance is how much does it cost? And this is generally more than people think that it would cost. Minimum premiums are about £200 but each quotation is looked at individually and all quotations depend on the size, location and use of the land or road and whether or not there is any security around the land to prevent people from crossing it, which would obviously lessen the risk of people getting injured on the land.Now that you know what it is and why more people are looking at getting it than ever before it is something that you can think about if you have a piece of land that people regularly walk across and which could cause injury in any way, shape or form.

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