Free Unclaimed Money – How to Find It

Did you know there are billions of dollars worth of unclaimed money and unclaimed property in the United States? Financial assets are considered abandoned when they go unclaimed by the owner for an extended period of time due to death of the owner, name change, marriage or divorce, or simple change of address.The state of California is currently holding over $5 billion dollars in unclaimed money and unclaimed property. The United States document over $23 billion dollars of missing money, unredeemed savings bonds, forgotten bank accounts, unclaimed tax refunds, undelivered Social Security checks, patent holdings, financial investments, royalties, stocks and other assets due.When an owner of property forgets or fails to claim forgotten assets over a specified number of years, the assets are put into something known as a period of dormancy in which the custody of these assets are then transferred to a trust waiting to be claimed by the rightful owner. The unclaimed property most often turns out to be in the form of money or property that is not claimed will be waiting to be claimed by the rightful beneficiary or next of kin.There are even lawyers who actively seek out and search those entitled to large sums of unclaimed assets and missing money hoping to cash in on the action as a middle-man.Unclaimed life insurance policies go unclaimed when heirs fail to notify insurance companies about a deceased relative. Therefor no legal assistance has been made to carry over any unclaimed money to the proper beneficiary.You might be one of the many thousands of Americans entitled to collect unclaimed and missing money on behalf of deceased relatives who left without a legal document disposing of assets properly.

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