Pets Health Insurance – Wise Investment Or Waste of Money?

Pets health insurance was considered, as little as 20 years ago, to be a waste of money. Over the lifetime of a pet you would pay between $3000 and $6000 for insurance premiums. Most veterinary procedures, even life saving ones would bill out for under $2000 so insurance was almost always a losing proposition over a pet’s lifetime. Today this is no longer the case. Veterinary science has made great strides in life saving procedures, many of them formerly reserved for humans. Along with medical innovation comes the need for better equipment, more delicate tools and far more expensive diagnostics. The unfortunate byproduct of all this improved medical technique is raising costs. This is where a good insurance policy comes in.Pets health insurance can grant you immense peace of mind knowing that you have taken the steps to protect your pet’s health and provide proper medical care no matter what the procedure. Budgeting is made easy as well – dividing your pet care costs into 12 equal monthly payments. You may want to consider a savings account where you deposit enough money to cover your policy’s deductible in the event of an emergency. By preparing in this manner you can vastly reduce, even eliminate the financial shock that can happen when a furry member of your family suddenly takes ill or has an accident.Along with the great strides that have been made in life saving veterinary procedures, there have also been advances in preventive care. Studies have proven that both humans and animals live longer, more active lives when they receive regular preventive care throughout their lives. When your vet sees your animals regularly they can make more sure diagnostics – minute changes that are the precursors to medical problems can be identified and dealt with before they develop into full-scale medical conditions. You may want to consider investing in one of the Pets health insurance policies which are available in coverage levels that provide for this kind of routine care. Preventive medicine is definitely your veterinarians preferred method of caring for your pets.In today’s economic climate and medical environment it does not make sense to skip on pets health insurance. Perhaps once upon a time pet insurance was a frivolous waste, but now, with rising vet costs, an uncertain economic climate and the proven value of preventive care, getting an insurance policy for your pets is just good sense.

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