Is Pet Care Insurance Necessary?

Is pet care insurance really necessary for your pets? Many people think that insurance is a ‘rip-off’, a gamble that is all in favor of the ‘house’, in this case, the insurance company and that there is little if any real value in proper insurance. In many ways they are right. We pay for insurance we hope we will never need to use. Nobody wants their cat to be struck by a car or their dog to swallow a foreign object and need emergency surgery. Nobody wants their pet to develop cancer. But what if they do? How will you pay for the expensive vet care that is needed to save their lives? It is a true economic paradox that we buy insurance in the hopes that we will never need it.Health insurance though is a bit different, for both humans and animals. It is a biological fact that we begin dying from the moment we are born. Our bodily systems are destined for failure. How quickly they deteriorate though is determined by a variety of factors – genetics, nutrition, activity levels throughout the lifespan and attitude towards life. Science has proven that better nutrition, proper hydration, exercise, good health care and plenty of love and support are all factors in a longer life for both our pets and us. Pet care insurance is one way we can help ensure that our pets are given the best possible chance at a long and happy life. Health insurance that covers routine care is one kind of insurance that we are sure to need and use.Our lives on this planet are uncertain at best. Accidents, injury, debilitating illness, and disease are all factors that we may encounter and deal with at various stages along our journey. Our animals face the same hazards. We want the best for our families and our pets. We want to ensure that when they face the challenge of illness or injury they get the very best care. Pet care insurance can help us achieve this for our pets.When you have a good pet care insurance policy you will never have to face a choice between treatment you can’t afford and putting your pet down. You will be able to get your pet the care they need to continue a healthy and happy life. You hope you never have to use it, but what peace of mind you will gain by knowing that the insurance policy is there when and if you need it.

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