Dog Bite Insurance – Are You Covered?

Do you have dog bite insurance? If you own a dog you can be held liable if your dog bites someone. Typically renter’s insurance or homeowner’s policies provide some cover for dog bite liability, but these policies may not cover the complete cost of a claim and if they don’t, the dog owner will be liable for the rest. For example insurance policies usually provide between $100,000 and $300,000 in coverage but if the person was bitten in the face and requires reconstructive surgery costs can spiral to $500,000 or more. That can be a prohibitive amount to pay out of pocket. If you have a dog it is best to take steps to ensure he doesn’t bite. In the meantime check your homeowner’s policy or your renter’s insurance to ensure that you are covered in the event the worst happens.Although many States have ‘one free bite’ rules that apply in cases where the owner is judged to not have had reason to suspect their dog would bite, once your dog has bitten someone you will be expected to take steps to correct the behavior or face losing your insurance. Once your dog has bitten someone, the insurance company will see you (and your dog) as an increased risk. The insurance company may request any number of changes – they may charge a higher premium, they may exclude the dog from coverage or in severe cases, they may not renew the policy. The bad news is that currently there is no single cover policy dog bite insurance – your homeowner’s or renter’s policy is the only liability cover available.Perhaps it is better to deal with your dog’s aggression and biting instinct before things get out of hand and you lose your homeowner’s insurance. Contrary to what the tabloid press would have you believe, dogs do not bite for no reason. Perhaps they are feeling threatened or territorial. Perhaps they are feeling aggression brought on by a feeling of abandonment or loneliness. There are many reasons that dogs can become aggressive and as a responsible dog owner you will want to learn about them and observe your dog’s behavior to stop biting before it begins. That is the best dog bite insurance.Monitor and observe your dog. Teach him his proper place in the ‘pack’ hierarchy. Eliminate the triggers of aggression. Double check that your homeowner’s policy provides dog bite insurance and hope that your dog never bites someone.

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