Life Insurance for Former Cancer Patients

It is difficult to find good life coverage if you have had cancer. Most insurance agencies are worried about the risk associated with cancer and with those who suffered from it. Some will sell overpriced insurance or while others will refuse to cover any ex cancer patients. Although it is not impossible, getting life insurance as a cancer survivor can prove difficult and time-consuming!An insurance company will calculate your mortality risk using medical reports and other information about your disease. They do this by accessing the National Cancer Institute’s database which provides information on millions of cancer patients. They can also ask you to offer information about your medical history.It is important to show the company that your condition has improved and that the treatment is proving efficient. Time can work in your advantage. Agencies sell insurance to patients who have been cured for at least 5 years. The more time has passed since the last signs of cancer, the better and the higher your chances of getting good and affordable life insurance will be.The type of cancer you suffered from also counts. Some forms of cancer are considered less dangerous than others. For example, a history of skin cancer will not affect your life insurance rates as it is very common and relatively easy to treat. On the other hand if you have suffered from leukemia or lung cancer, the policy’s premiums will increases and you won’t be able to get preferred or standard rates.If a traditional policy is difficult to find or too expensive, you can get insurance through your employer. Many companies offer life insurance as part of the “employees benefit” package. You can apply for it without having to show any medical reports. Unfortunately, the coverage is limited to the amount of your yearly salary.Another option will be to get a no medical exam required life insurance. These policies are issued in 24 hours and they do not ask the applicant to take a medical examination. Since the premiums are high and the coverage is very small, you should apply for this policy as a last resort.Finally, I recommend using the services of an experienced insurance broker. There are many impaired risk specialists that help people in your situation find good coverage. You can also use online websites that offer quotes from different agencies. If a quote is not helpful enough, you can always call them and ask for details.

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