5 Types of Dental Insurance Plans

What are the types of dental plans that you know among the dental products in the market? Do you find it difficult to choose which one best suit your own need? Listed are 5 types of dental plans for your comparison.1. IndemnityThe advantage of this plan is you can choose your own dentist. How this plan works is you pay a certain amount of premium monthly to the insurance providers and the insurance company will then pay a certain percentage to the dental clinic for the services rendered. However, there will be limit and deductible charged where the client still need to pay a certain percentage of the bills.2. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) networkThis plan is the opposite of the indemnity plan. You cannot choose your own dentist but instead you have to choose from a list of approved dental clinic. The participated dentist will receive the fixed monthly fee based of number of patients assigned to that clinic. Another thing to note for this plan is, the client will have to pay a co-payment for each visit to the clinic, which honestly speaking, the amount is not much.3. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)This plan is more flexible than the HMO network, where you can choose the dentist from a selected network. You are given lower than usual charges as long as you seek treatment within the network. If you choose the dentist who is not “preferred provider”, you might require to pay more charges of service fees.4. Direct Reimbursement PlansIn my opinion, this is the best among the dental plans as it plays as reimbursement basis, which means that you pay the full amount of charges to the dentist as per receipts, then you get this original receipt to your company to claim for full reimbursement, you do not need to pay a cent for the dental services rendered! However, the drawback for this plan is there might be a certain limit cap at each year (on how much you can claim each year).5. Discount Dental PlansThis plan is just like what the word “discount” explains. You can get a certain percentage of discount for every dental visit. You have to apply for a discount card in order to get the discount and this card is to be presented for each dental visit, there will be certain charges for the application of the card, which you may need to check with your financial consultant as every company has different rates, prices, terms and conditions.

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