Public Liability Insurance for a Roofer

Public Liability Insurance is something that is being spoken about more and more these days especially with the current climate of people holding other people liable for things like injury or property damage. This insurance isn’t like car insurance that is required by law but it is still something that most people that work on other peoples properties will have to either get or think about at some point.Public Liability Insurance for a roofer is something that not every insurance company will undertake for obvious reason. Many see that it is such a high risk trade that they don’t want to cover it at all or if they do offer a quotation then it may run into thousands of pounds for a years cover. This is not true with all insurers and it obviously differs as to whether or not you use heat as part of your work but for a roofer without using any heat can be from about £140 for one million pounds worth of cover.The obvious thing that you would get Public Liability Insurance for is for example if you were entering a persons property to do some work and you accidentally knocked a priceless ornament over and you were held liable to replace or repair it or if whilst you were up on the roof you dropped one of the tools you were using off and it landed on a car below then you would be held responsible and this is where your insurance would come in to play.Although as stated earlier you don’t have to have this insurance by law to undertake your work many more people are insisting that anyone who enters their property to do any type of work be fully covered so they know that if something was to happen or go wrong then they would be able to get the tradesman to use his insurance if he was liable for the fault..As with most insurance types there are generally different levels of cover that you can get and with Public Liability Insurance this is no different as you can get quotes for either one, two or five millions pounds worth of cover although obviously the price will increase as the amount of cover increases but it’s up to the individual how much cover they have although some people will insist on a specific amount before any work is undertaken.

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